LocalMusicLive was founded out of a desire to enliven the local music scene of a given city by providing up-to-date information about who is playing where and when. The internet seemed like an ideal medium for this endeavor, and so LocalMusicLive.com was created.

Other websites were attempting this sort of thing at the same time as we, but many seemed limited in their listings to venues that they had received payment from. This in turn limited how much information one could find about the local music scene. In addition, oftentimes their websites were either slow or unwieldly (often due to large quantities of banner-ads), making it hard to extract what information was actually there. In the ensuing years, several of these other sites have folded and shut their virtual doors (for various reasons).

So our goal was and is to provide as much information as needed, as fast as possible. Being a non-commercial entity at this point, it will take us a little time to get the website fully loaded with all the information about venues and bands. Please bear with us during this start-up phase!

While our ultimate goal is to some day expand the categories of music we can cover, as we are currently a completely volunteer-based project, we opted to focus on only one genre of music for now - jazz. For information on other kinds of music playing in Las Vegas, feel free to check out LVLocalMusicScene.com (we're not associated with them, though).

We've put together this website to help you find the most up-to-date information on live jazz playing at venues throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada, Metropolitan area. At the same time, we've also tried to design this website so you can get the information you're looking for both easily and quickly. And so, as we are currently a non-commercial endeavor, we can also afford to bring this information to you without outside advertising cluttering up our webpages. Hopefully the end-result is as user-friendly as we hoped it would be! (...if you feel it isn't user-friendly enough, please feel free to let us know!)

As our secondary goal, we're also hoping to provide some "virtual space" for resources for musicians and music-lovers. You can find those webpages by simply clicking on the MusicMarket circle in the top right corner of the browser screen. We'll be adding information to this section over time, so please check back every now and then!

Finally, we've agreed to provide some web-space to another local entity that, strangely enough, doesn't have anything to do with music. However, since it is very much a local Las Vegas organization still in its infancy, we were only too happy to provide it with some additional support. So if you're interested in Badminton in Las Vegas, please check out the website for Las Vegas Badminton!

Again, if you would like to make any comments, suggestions, criticisms, or even praise us (!), please feel free to email us at comments@localmusiclive.com!